What is MyEd Search?

What is MyEd Search?

From nurseries through to colleges, MyEd Search is all about finding the best places for a child to learn. 

For parents and carers, MyEd Search offers a single destination for finding Ofsted ratings; reviewing performance statistics; reading reviews* by other parents/carers; and accessing additional information about before and after school clubs, activities, food hygiene and more. By creating a MyEd Search account, searchers can save learning providers, compare them and write reviews* of providers their children have attended. With or without an account, access to MyEd Search is completely free for searchers.

For learning providers, MyEd Search is a subscription service that offers a user-friendly platform for entering and updating admissions, core and additional information for publication online to families. Where councils have subscribed to the service, MyEd Search is also the collection mechanism for the admissions criteria councils use to publish schools admissions prospectuses.

For Schools, Academy Trusts and Councils

MyEd Search is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application, which means that, rather than purchasing and installing a program, you subscribe to a service which is hosted and delivered entirely online. This means that you can access and use MyEd Search whenever you want to, wherever you are, using any internet-enabled device. Staying up to date is just as convenient. Rather than having to upgrade periodically, any MyEd Search updates or patches we release will automatically come through to you, reducing the burden on your IT staff.  See our Schools or Councils support section for further information on minimum system requirements.

*Coming soon!

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