What does MyEd Search offer schools and councils?

What does MyEd Search offer schools and councils?

MyEd Search provides a user-friendly way for schools to update and publish their admissions criteria and other essential information in an easily accessible format. Councils can then access this information in order to build clear and comprehensive school admissions prospectuses, in order to help parents/carers to make informed education choices.

MyEd Search collects a wide range of information, so schools can use it to communicate all the aspects of their offer, highlighting what makes them special and answering commonly asked questions before they’re asked.

By investing in MyEd Search, councils and schools can not only increase their own efficiency, but also create a comprehensive resource for parents and carers searching for schools. They can then point searchers to MyEd Search with confidence that all the answers searchers need will be easily accessible there, in one place.

Councils and schools can even use MyEd Search as a resource themselves, when dealing with FOI requests and when answering queries.

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      MyEd Search provides councils with a live record of the updates made by schools using their MyEd Search School Accounts. This information can be used to monitor schools that have returned information.
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