What are the benefits of using MyEd Search?

What are the benefits of using MyEd Search?

Backed by the powerful MyEd Data Engine, MyEd Search makes it easier for you to collect and publish admissions criteria from the schools in your area. You’ll be able to see at a glance which schools have updated their information and which need a reminder, which you can easily send through the service.

MyEd Search offers families a comprehensive way to match their preferences and requirements to your schools’ offers and entry criteria. This helps to increase the number of successful school applications and decrease the number of appeals fielded by your School Admissions team, freeing up staff time.

Finally, MyEd Search is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application, which means that, rather than purchasing and installing a program, you subscribe to a service which is hosted, delivered, secured and updated entirely online.

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    • Can MyEd Search help me to identify schools that have not returned their information?

      MyEd Search provides councils with a live record of the updates made by schools using their MyEd Search School Accounts. This information can be used to monitor schools that have returned information.
    • What if I need further support when using MyEd Search?

      You can use our online chat to get to the answer you need whenever you’re using MyEd Search, or visit our dedicated support sections for Councils, Schools and Individual Users. If you still can’t find the answer to your question, contact us and we’ll ...
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      MyEd Search provides a user-friendly way for schools to update and publish their admissions criteria and other essential information in an easily accessible format. Councils can then access this information in order to build clear and comprehensive ...
    • What is MyEd Search?

      From nurseries through to colleges, MyEd Search is all about finding the best places for a child to learn.  For parents and carers, MyEd Search offers a single destination for finding Ofsted ratings; reviewing performance statistics; reading reviews* ...
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      Your MyEd School Account lets you quickly and easily add and update valuable information about your school, including your current admissions criteria and past application trends. MyEd Search combines this with detailed data from Ofsted reports, ...