How do I use MyEd Search?

How do I use MyEd Search?

Learn how to search, filter, save and compare on MyEd


  1. Start by selecting the type of learning provider you want to search for – nursery, primary school, secondary school, independent or special school, sixth form or college.
  2. Next, enter a location - this can be a postcode, street or city/town.
  3. Then, select a radius to define how wide you want your search to be.


  • You can then filter your results depending on whether you want to explore all the possible options in an area, or narrow your search, for instance, to a particular type and level of school.
  • Your results will be displayed on a map and in list form, starting with the closest to your location.
  • Click on a provider’s name to view its entry

Top Tip: You can search for more than one type of school at the same time by performing a search on your first type and then using ‘Filter’ to select additional options. See more Top Tips on using the Search feature


  • Listings contain a wealth of information. Scroll down or jump to a section using the links just below the icons. Use our ToolTips to understand what each section has to offer.

Save & Compare

If you’ve registered for a free MyEd Search account, you can save a school to refer back to later, or compare providers using the buttons at the top of the provider’s page. You’ll also be able to share your experiences of your child’s learning provider by leaving a review. Easy.

Now you can work MyEd Search. To find out how to really make the service work for you, read our article: Getting the most out of MyEd Search or watch our ‘How to’ video.


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    • How does MyEd get its information?

      The information MyEd Search publishes about schools is collected from Local Authorities, the Department for Education (DfE) and Ofsted under the Government’s Open Licence Agreement.  Nurseries, schools and colleges that have signed up for a MyEd ...
    • Can I make school applications through MyEd?

      No, you must still apply for school places through your local council. You should also ensure that you check the exact admissions criteria listed on your saved schools’ websites before making an application. You can link to this through the school’s ...
    • What are the benefits of creating an account with MyEd?

      Creating a free MyEd Search account allows you to access all of the service’s interactive features. Once you have created your account, you can save your searches, compare and save institutions, make and save enquiries about virtual open days and see ...
    • What is MyEd Search?

      From nurseries through to colleges, MyEd Search is all about finding the best places for a child to learn.  For parents and carers, MyEd Search offers a single destination for finding Ofsted ratings; reviewing performance statistics; reading reviews* ...
    • Where do I find my saved searches?

      You can find your saved searches and make comparisons in your ‘Account’ area, along with your comparisons and any reviews* you’ve written. *Coming soon! Find out more about Using your MyEd Search Account