How did MyEd Search come about?

How did MyEd Search come about?

We know from experience how difficult it can be to make decisions about where a child should learn. What are the options? What’s on offer there? Where would they really thrive? And would they get in?

MyEd Search was researched and developed in collaboration with parents/carers, teachers, schools and local authorities. Supported by Innovate UK, we’ve worked closely with leading experts in data and software development to create a service that makes it easy for adults to find the best setting for their child. We do this by making it easy for schools and councils to access and publish the information that adults need in order to make informed decisions.

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    • What does MyEd Search offer schools and councils?

      MyEd Search provides a user-friendly way for schools to update and publish their admissions criteria and other essential information in an easily accessible format. Councils can then access this information in order to build clear and comprehensive ...
    • What if I need further support when using MyEd Search?

      You can use our online chat to get to the answer you need whenever you’re using MyEd Search, or visit our dedicated support sections for Councils, Schools and Individual Users. If you still can’t find the answer to your question, contact us and we’ll ...
    • What is MyEd Search?

      From nurseries through to colleges, MyEd Search is all about finding the best places for a child to learn.  For parents and carers, MyEd Search offers a single destination for finding Ofsted ratings; reviewing performance statistics; reading reviews* ...
    • How do I use MyEd Search?

      Learn how to search, filter, save and compare on MyEd Search Start by selecting the type of learning provider you want to search for – nursery, primary school, secondary school, independent or special school, sixth form or college. Next, enter a ...
    • How many people from my school can access MyEd Search?

      Your MyEd Search School Account allows you to create x unique IDs. At this point, we do not offer more than x logins.